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eShaafi is a Pakistan based telehealth company lined up to provide virtual healthcare services, at your consolation. Keeping in view the effort and time it takes to visit the doctor, eShaafi provides an unmatched doctor-patient experience through an online consultation platform which allows real time meetings and consultations with your doctor whenever and wherever you want.


Our mission is to provide quality healthcare to our patients via user-friendly online access to your physicians and doctors through our website and mobile application. At, a team of adept doctors and specialists strive to provide you the best, affordable healthcare through online meetings, consultations, digital prescriptions and test reports at your doorstep. Our objective is to devote our sincere efforts for the betterment of healthcare to create a healthy ambiance and to live a healthy disease-free life.


Exerting to provide a patient friendly online Doctor-patient platform that allow patients to see their doctors without even having to wait for hours in the waiting room. May it be prescriptions, medicines or your lab tests we make sure to take great care of your health because “if there is life, then there is the world”.


Our video consultation service will allow you to consult with a reliable doctor 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Patients can ask for a quick review of their health for certain symptoms and get their answers and prescriptions online.

audio consultation

For the people who are time poor, or anyone not able to attend video sessions will be able to schedule an audio consultation meeting with our doctors. Audio consultation provides ease for the people with less consultation time and senior citizens.


Our team will collect test samples from your home or anywhere you want and deliver them to the lab. Reports will be updated on eShaafi app so you can access your reports just in a few clicks.                                                                                               


Our patients will be able to keep an up-to-date record of all their prescriptions, lab tests and other health related statistics on our website. This will allow the doctor to go through your previous health record for an audit.


Amidst the pandemic we are facing, eShaafi aims to deliver the prescribed medicine at your doorstep so you don’t have to visit pharmacy. We’ll take care of your health while you stay safe at your home.

home nursing

Our home nursing staff will visit the patients at their place so they don’t have to rush to the hospital. Our male and female nursing staff will be available for both masculine and feminine patients.

Customer services

Our customer services staff will not let you down in the middle of an issue. Feel free to contact us and get your issues fixed instantly.


Cooperative staff is one that keeps us going in every phase. We are lucky to have a professional staff taking great care of everything.

home nursing staff

We make sure that you get the most effective treatment without going to the hospital. Our nursing staff will regale all your health needs at your home.


Book your appointment online with the best certified doctors across Pakistan. Schedule online meetings and get yourself treated by the best doctors at your ease.

why choose telehealth?

Patients can easily select their desired time slot for a consultation session. Patients are not bound to visit the hospital or clinic on a selected time. Instead, you can choose the time you are comfortable and get treated by our qualified doctors.

Remote Healthcare

Telehealth is becoming the virtual hospital every patient wants to visit. One does not have to take out time specially to visit the hospital and pharmacies. 


Digital Doctor

Via telehealth facilities, patients don’t have to travel or wait for hours in the waiting hall to see their doctor. Your device can incorporate a whole hospital in itself.

cost effective

Telehealth services are much cheaper and affordable compared to the average fee of a GP and Specialists.


digital records

eShaafi App will allow you to save your medical records online so you don’t have to carry all your records with you every time you consult a doctor.

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eShaafi inaugurated its new office on March 8, 2021. Our dexterous team joined the office marking the inception of the new project. All the employees were warmly welcomed. Operations of the company and routine tasks gained pace with the development in the plan.

Orientation Ceremony

Various organizations do new employee orientation differently. eShaafi held its orientation ceremony to welcome the new employees. With the purpose to understand the flow of services completely, a brief ceremony was held at the eShaafi office.

Infrastructure development

Crafting the infrastructure of the company from level zero is what the management of eShaafi is exerting from day one. Our ultimate milestone is to provide top-notch online healthcare services throughout Pakistan to help improve the health standards for everyone.

Our Team

A painstaking team is what makes the milestones easier. Our team joined the office at inauguration followed by the orientation ceremony. Every employee strives hard to obtain the best possible results for the benefit of the company.