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10 ways to prevent HAIR LOSS in men

Hair loss in men is becoming very common over the years. According to a research study two-third of the men are affected by male pattern baldness experiencing noticeable hair loss by the age of 40. 

Hair loss in men is associated with a number of medical conditions and reason such as

  • Male pattern baldness (Genetic traits)
  • Protein deficiency 
  • Excessive use of vitamin A
  • Stress
  • Smoking 
  • Thyroid diseases

There have been a variety of procedures and treatments for hair loss. Some of them are Result-oriented while some do not have a potent source of authentication. 

Here are 10 ways men can prevent hair loss:

1- Prescribed hair loss medications: Everyone loses hair from their head everyday and that’s completely fine, but if you are facing excessive hair loss you should visit a Dermatologist or hair specialist. Minoxidil has been the most effective general treatment for hair loss:

2- Multivitamin supplements: Daily consumption of a certain amount of Multivitamins prevents hair fall, however excessive use Vitamins can cause hair loss and visionary disorders. Prescribed vitamins should be used in a certain quantity. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and iron can be helpful in preventing hair loss in men. 

3- Low level Laser light therapy (LLLT): Low-level laser therapy is a form of medicine that applies low-level lasers or light-emitting diodes to the surface of the body. It increases the density of hair specially for the people undergoing chemotherapy. 

4- Scalp care: People with hair loss problems should maintain their hair and take good care of their scalp. Applying hair food or coconut oil twice a week helps the dead scalp to regain its texture and prevent hair fall. 

5- Avoid Hair styles and treatments: Excessive hair styles and applying chemicals such as bleach and hair colour can cause hair fall. One should avoid drying hair or making hairstyles with straighteners and dryers which cause excessive hair fall. 

6- Stop Smoking: Studies have proved that smoking causes baldness. Irrespective of the age, consuming large amounts of tobacco and excessive smoking can be the reason for hair loss.

7- Use Anti – DHT Shampoo: Anti-DHT shampoos that contain biotin that helps the hair to regrow hair in the areas affected by hair loss. Switch your regular shampoo to Anti-DHT shampoos to prevent hair loss.

8- Follow a Mediterranean diet: Researches have proved that there exists a relationship between herbs and veggies in the Mediterranean diet and and a decrease in androgenetic alopecia. 

9- Exercise: Try to involve yourself in any physical exercise on a daily basis. This will not only affect your health positively but also prevent excessive hair fall. Jogging, going to gym for at least an hour a day helps hair to grow and prevents hair fall. 

10- Use Caster Oil: Caster oil prevents hair from damage. Regular use of caster oil can decrease the density of hair fall and improve the texture and volume of your hair.